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Britton and Siriana dressed in their "Peas on Earth" costume for the CCC Christmas Party (Dec. 9th).

These are some pictures we took for the front of our Christmas Cards.

These are some of Siriana in her Santa outfit. They were taken about mid-December.

These are pictures from our Christmas brunch. We had the brunch at Melissa and Ron's house the weekend before Christmas. (We just have a couple of pics, Mr. Claude has more on his blog)

These are pictures from Christmas morning. We don't have any pictures from our house. We just have video that we'll post later. These are from Christmas morning at Christopher's house.

Siriana talking to her grandparents in Africa

This is the Raggedy Ann that Britton's mom made for him for his first Christmas

These are pictures from Christmas at Nana and Buddy's house. The first few (through where we open presents) are all on Christmas evening.

This next picture is Siri's face as she was filling her diaper.

And this was Siri's reaction when Jenn told her she was going to post that picture online.

We went to see Uncle Buck and Aunt Joyce.

These pictures are from Christmas at Nana and Pappy's house. We did Christmas there on New Years Day.

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